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We empower organisations, leaders, teams and individuals with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive sustained performance.


What We Do

Making Work Meaningful

When people find their work meaningful, they're more productive and committed to an organisation. We assist you in developing high-performing, low-turnover teams by reinforcing the importance of a coaching and feedback culture, supported by authentic and transparent leadership. When you assist your staff to grow, provide recognition and help them to understand the company's vision and objectives, the company's success becomes their success.

Affective Leadership

For organisations to thrive in complex, uncertain environments, they need leaders with the relevant skills to make effective consequential decisions. Many leadership programs focus solely on discipline-based skillsets, like strategy development and financial analysis, and underplay the importance of affective behaviours. Understanding human resources is a critical component of affective leadership, whereby leaders encourage others to achieve common goals through communication and strong relationships.

With an understanding of ExCo motivations, we identify skill gaps across discipline and affective skillsets and create bespoke development pathways to align their knowledge, capability and mindset with organisational objectives now and into the future.

Protecting Your Business

Your leaders are busy people, so it's challenging to stay abreast of changes to regulations and be proactive when it comes to identifying exposure points of legal compliance. We have a strong understanding of your employment and workplace relations, with legal counsel on standby to access when needed. We're not an employee advocate. We're courageous in dealing with poor performance and employee issues and act in the best interest of your business, while protecting you from Fair Work Commission claims.

  • Leadership development & capability
  • Workforce education
  • Team optimisation & mentoring
  • Business improvement recommendations
  • Performance management
  • Organisational design
  • Workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Change management
  • Talent architect - understanding talent needs for the future of work
  • Organisational design & transformation
  • Remuneration & benefits framework & advice
  • Diversity & inclusion strategies
  • Tender support
  • System implementation i.e. Automation, HRIS, HR analytics
  • Vacation, apprentice & graduate program design
  • Indigenous training & development programs
  • Induction, onboarding & offboarding design

What We Do

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